StoneStreet Cinema

Like Glass

Gender-fluid beauty, Zion, discovers their freedom through the fantastical world of the Avant Garde nightlife scene in New York City. But, in a society of binary gender norms, the deeper Zion ventures into this liberation, the greater the conflicts they face become - ultimately leaving Zion to question the truth and fragility of one's identity.

Like Glass was a Collaboration between StoneStreet Cinema and Brooklyn, NY based film production company Little Blondie Films.

Like Glass // Narrative short


Like Glass follows Zion, a club kid exploring their gender fluidity through the avant-garde scene of New York City's darkly fanciful nightlife. We witness Zion's story unfold through a stream of consciousness that weaves a fateful night out at the club with memories of the resistance they’ve faced, both at home, from their partner, and in public. In a society of binary gender norms, Zion is ultimately left questioning the truth and fragility of one's identity.




LIKE GLASS was successfully funded on May 31, 2017 via SEED & SPARK