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Andrew K. Meyer & Christopher Plunkett // Co-Founders, StoneStreet Cinema

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Our Blog is multi-purposed and intended for filmmakers and film-lovers of all different backgrounds and interests. Here you will find various breeds of StoneStreet literature, hand-written by our team and our allies:


StoneStreet Case Studies

From our narrative endeavors to our commercial efforts, the StoneStreet Team has plenty of trench stories to share. With logistical insight and personal reflection, we will walk you through projects both past and present to give you the inside scoop on how we make what we make.

Cameras, Gear & Other Nik-Naks

No production blog exists without its fair share of tech-talk, and we sure have plenty to talk about. From the gear we have to the gear we want, we are always down to talk some shop.

The State of the Industry

The film and commercial landscapes are changing every second of every day. They just changed since I wrote that last sentence. It’s bananas. We’ll keep you up to speed with what’s important, before they go ahead and change again.

What We’re Watching

We watch a lot of stuff, believe it or not. Whether it be a feature film, short film, documentary, commercial or music video, StoneStreet is here to curate a palette of our favorite content out there, and to tell you just what makes them so special to us.


Making any video of any sort is always an adventure, often into an abyss of the unknown. If there’s a topic you want to learn more about or a question you may have, email them over at hello@stonestreetcinema.com and we’ll blog about it!

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The StoneStreet Team